January 27, 2021

We are happy to announce our new partnership with


AKABA is a local brand that uses handwoven fabrics to make their products from indigenous communities.

They make high-quality and sustainable bags, handwoven masks and also
supports GO LOKAL!’s products.


is available in these AKABA Branches!

Featured Products

When it comes to healthy snacking, fresh fruits are always the best thing to reach for. Just Fruit gives something even more unique with just the same nutritional content freeze dried fruits! Chew on them like regular chips and rest easy knowing you’re not adding unnecessary junk in your system! Our favorite is Just Banana, which can be made even yummier with all-natural peanut butter or organic chocolate!ff

Here’s the ingredient list for Just Fruit’s pack of freeze-dried mangoes: sliced mangoes and nothing else. It’s all-natural, and there is no added sugar, additives, and preservatives. It is pure fruit and because its freeze-dried, the nutrients are retained as well. Nothing beats fresh, but this comes close! It goes great in cereals, oats, and smoothies too. Banana and pineapple variants are also available. 

November 14, 2019

You can now find us at

The Blue Kitchen!

It is a specialty food store that has been a go-to for artisanal homemade specialties, ready to cook and ready to serve food. You can buy your Favorite Filipino specialties from native sausages, sweets, local coffee, pastries and their popular garlic tuyo!

Featured Products

JustFruit’s Freeze-dried Treats Offer Real Fruit In Sweet, Crunchy Chip-like Form

Justfruitph gets their dragon fruits from our farm so you can be sure that they’re 100% organic!

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